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Superior & Streamlined Meat Processing Solutions

Our Mission

Our Customers Are Like Family, Their Needs And Concerns Become Ours.

We blend our rich 40-year history with the latest technology to bring you well-crafted, easy-to-operate, and resilient meat processing equipment and accessories. Our solutions are comprehensive – from the intricate process of slicing, chopping, and grinding, through the delicate art of mixing and curing, right up to sophisticated rail systems and storage.


Our Mission

Family-Owned, Veteran-Owned | People & Meat Processing You Can Trust

CRM North America has become an innovative leader in the meat processing industry. We’re proud to be a family-owned and veteran-owned business with over 40 years of experience. We've fostered a haven where traditional Italian approaches blend seamlessly with the best of modern European technology in providing you with unparalleled meat processing solutions.

Our Services

Services We Offer

CRM North America has built a reputation of being and industry leader where we pride ourselves on the positive feedback and word of mouth from our customers.

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CRM Meat Portion Cutting Equipment and Patty Formers

World leader in the manufacturing of horizontal slicing machines and patty formers.

  • Slicers for boneless and bone in production, including beef 

    • Cuts from .5mm (Shaving) to 50mm

  • Higher production in less time with less waste

  • Patties that maintain moisture throughout the cooking process 

  • Easy washdown 

  • No bone dust 

  • Increased product shelf life

  • Larger Chamber

  • Safe and efficient

  • Easy to operate 

OMET Mixers/Grinders

Mixers and Grinders solutions with an emphasis on power

  • Larger hopper capacity

  • No product smear 

  • Complete construction in stainless steel

  • Adjustable speeds

  • Compact

  • Powerfully built

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ABM Table Top Deli and Fresh Meat Slicers

Table top deli and fresh meat slicers built to withstand the high usage of American deli needs

  • Easy cleaning

  • Built in sharpeners 

Everlasting Dry aging and Curing Cabinets

Solutions for professional curing and dry aging, intended for demanding customers looking for a consistent product every time.

  • Stainless steel cabinets

  • Multi language touch screen control with Wi-Fi capability

  • Custom design industrial curing rooms

  • Professional monitoring 

Italmodular Rail Systems

Durable and customized rail systems built to safely streamline production.

  • Custom designed rail systems 

  • High hygiene standards 


Andrew F. 

“We were able to process what would normally take us a week on a traditional Band saw and cut it in an hour.  The CRM Nexus has significantly increased our capability to process our current orders along with taking on new customers."

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