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About Us

Family-Owned, Veteran-Owned People & Meat Processing Machines You Can Trust.

CRM North America has become an innovative leader in the meat processing industry. We’re proud to be a family-owned and veteran-owned business with over 40 years of experience. We've fostered a haven where traditional Italian approaches blend seamlessly with the best of modern European technology in providing you with unparalleled meat processing solutions.

Our History
In 1985, Luigi Pintore came to United States in pursuit of the American dream. With only $200 in his pocket and a desire to learn, he set out to discover “his” America. Having had years of experience working with meat processing equipment in Italy, Luigi continued that passion here in the states. In 2013, Luigi founded CRM North America Group in the Chicagoland area.

It was Luigi’s dream to create a company that would provide superior equipment from Italy and modify it for the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Today, CRM North America Group has achieved that dream by creating a network of Italian Companies that cover every need for the processing, curing and aging of meat.
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Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. Our customers are like family, their needs and concerns become ours. Together, let’s carve a future where your meat processing is not just a function of your operation but a testament to superior quality, efficiency, and craftsmanship in delivering the best meat possible to your customers.

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Join the CRM Family | Benefit from Global Expertise

Spanning across North America, our extensive dealer network stands poised to deliver expert support. We invite you to interact with our local dealers, who will make sure that your experience with CRM North America is consistently superior.

After all, our popularity has grown because of word of mouth. Like our founder, Luigi Pintore, we believe that our customers are our best sales representatives.

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