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ABM Fresh Meat and Deli Slicers

Experience consistent, quality slicing for various meats with ABM's fresh meat and deli slicers.

Key Features
  • Versatile Slicing: Adaptable for both fresh meat and deli.

  • US Supermarket Design: Specifically built for the demands of US supermarkets.

  • Durable Construction: Ensures longevity and reliable daily use.

  • Uniform Products: Consistently even slices for enhanced product presentation.

  • Robust Performance: Developed to withstand regular, high-demand use.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Deliver reliably sliced products to your clientele every time.


  • Constructed entirely of stainless steel.

  • Sturdy and compact in size, especially suitable for small spaces and intuitive operation.

  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble without the use of any equipment.

  • Ergonomic line and attractive design, easy to clean and sanitize.

  • Production of up to seven pieces per minute (estimated 2-3 tons of chicken prior to blade change).

  • Easily removable blade kit.

  • Created to meet market needs for slice processing, especially chicken breasts, but also turkey, pork and beef.

  • Ideal for butcher shops, poultry shops, supermarkets and mass catering and small and medium industries.

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