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Welcome to CRM North America

Superior & Streamlined Meat Processing Solutions

CRM North America exists at the intersection of heritage and innovation.

We blend our rich 40-year history with the latest technology to bring you well-crafted, easy-to-operate, and resilient meat processing equipment and accessories. Our solutions are comprehensive – from the intricate process of slicing, chopping, and grinding, through the delicate art of mixing and curing, right up to sophisticated rail systems and storage.

Family-Owned, Veteran-Owned | People & Meat Processing You Can Trust

CRM North America has become an innovative leader in the meat processing industry. We’re proud to be a family-owned and veteran-owned business with over 40 years of experience. We've fostered a haven where traditional Italian approaches blend seamlessly with the best of modern European technology in providing you with unparalleled meat processing solutions.

Explore CRM’s All-Inclusive Product Range

CRM Horizontal Slicer and Patty Formers

Minimize waste and maximize shelf life with immaculate slicing and forming.

ABM Fresh Meat and Deli Slicers

Harness tailored precision and durability for the rigorous demands of U.S.


Italmodular Rail Systems

Prioritize safety with our customized overhead rail solutions for your processing plants.

OMET Grinders, Mixers, and Mixing Grinders

Streamline your mixing and grinding with technology that safeguards product integrity.

Everlasting Curing Cabinets and Rooms

Ensure consistency and quality throughout the curing process with real-time monitoring.

Pagani Spices and Marinades

Elevate the aromas and flavors of your meat products

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Our Products

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