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CRM Horizontal Slicer and Patty Formers

Dive into a world where precision meets versatility, thanks to CRM’s innovative range of horizontal slicers and patty formers.

Key Features
  • Variable Cuts: Provide flexibility with cuts ranging from .5mm to 50mm.

  • High-Speed Operation: Efficiently manage high-volume slicing.

  • Bone-In Capability: Slice through bone-in meats with precision, including beef bone-in.

  • Gear-Driven Machinery: Ensure consistent, smooth operations and reduced wear and tear.

  • Safe: Eliminate risk of injury from exposed blades.

  • Extended Shelf Life: Achieve cleaner cuts that preserve meat quality.

  • Waste Reduction: Utilize more of your product with precise slicing.

  • Consistent Slicing: Guarantee uniform slices every batch.

  • Versatile Patty Forming: Adjust to different patty sizes and shapes effortlessly.


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